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St. Lucia Pagaent

One of the main attractions, the St. Lucia pagaent, is a much loved tradition, will take place. Historically, thi saint originates in the early Roman-Christian times, and her sainthood has been celebrated in Sweden since the early 20th century in spite of its somewhat peculiar connection to a country which is both Nordic and Lutheran.

On the 13th of December, St. Lucia appears on the doorstep of Swedish homes. She represents the coming of light in an otherwise dark and wintery time of the year. She comes early in the morning, carrying with her a tray with coffee and saffran buns.

Young Swedish girls all want to "be" the lovely Lucia who, with her train of maidens and star boys makes a beautiful procession while singing holiday songs. Every year SWEA Orange County chooses a Lucia, who is a daughter or a relative of one of the members, or has another close tie to SWEA OC. Often, the same girl may have been one of the maidens in the processions of previous years' Christmas fairs.

If your SWEA-daughter has turned 15, she may want to become the Lucia. SWEA Orange County is also looking for children at least seven years old and young women who can sing the Swedish luciasångs. These will be the maidens and star boys of the procession. Please, contact the Lucia committee to receive an invitation to participate in this memorable event.


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